A pandemic story, Bergamo

Shadows of life in Bergamo | A Pandemic Story

Why Bergamo became so popular?

Bergamo is a medium-sized city that has gained its fame in recent years thanks to cheap Ryanair flights or an excellent position on the map of Europe. However, the place at the foot of the Bergamo Alps has become famous on a global scale for a few weeks and not because of tourism, however, because of the coronavirus epidemic that is taking a bloody toll here. (more…)

Coronavirus in Italy -depression

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Today’s topic is a tiny virus which influenced all the world;  coronavirus

Living abroad may be the dream of a lot of people. However things don’t go always like you think! You need a lot of research and preparation before deciding to move. You shouldn’t do the same mistakes (!) that we did, complaining about Irish lifestyle and weather or antisocial people in Italy after moving! (more…)

Travel by car italy to turkey

Moving Again | Italy to Turkey

Moving from Italy to Turkey

It has been one year we left dark and rainy Ireland. Last year we moved to Italy two people and now we are leaving three. Italy was good destination point to give a birth with its naturalist and conscious doctors and good quality food. However, getting close to winter and missing baklava and kebab was enough to pull us toward to the Turkey. (more…)

Global warming in Alps

Last 4 years, we go to a little town Alleghe in Alps valley, Dolomiti. Sadly, I have witnessed the changes of the climate and changes of the life year by year.

Finding snow over 3340 meters

It become very difficult finding snow on the Alps mountains where only a couple of years ago a lot of tourist used to go for ski. (more…)

Pumpkin festival in Italy | Suca Baruca

October is pumpkin month. The season pumpkins grow and ends with Halloween.
Almost in all towns you can find pumpkin festivals in Italy. One of them is “Suca Baruca” (pumpkin festival) in local dialect of Venetto region. Here is one of the Alps mountain song at Suca Baruca in Piove di Sacco, Italy.

Pumpkin festival in Italy | Suca Baruca

We started to head to Turkey from Italy by camper. This is the first part of the video of our  long Camper Road Trip passing from Italy and Slovenia.
Don’t forget to watch also second part passing from all the cost side of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and finally arriving Turkey.

We could manage to arrive Turkish Border but couldn’t enter the country for some legal issues.
More information is here.

Pumpkin festival in Italy | Suca Baruca

We made our first drone testing video in this beautiful frozen lake surrended by Alps. Drone Bebop gave us very beautiful images of the magic atmosphere in this wonderful iced lake in the heart of Alp Mountains.