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Here I want to present you some accessories I use in my adventures. If you travel a lot, it is very important to choose well what to take with you. Generally when I look for something to buy I spend so much time searching for the best quality and good price. I always want something that really satisfy my expectations, and I don’t have so much money to make experiments and mistakes.

I’m used to buy a lot in internet, it is much easier to find the products you want and prices are unbeatable, now I’m going to share with you my experiences and show you where I find my best deals.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D

Canon 60D is my second SLR camera. Before I was using Nikon D90. I didn’t want to buy another Nikon because in my opinion Canon has much better colors in the photo. And I’m happy with this camera. If you take photography seriously but you need to stay in a budget Canon EOS 60D is your best choice, it is very easy to use and very fast.


It’s 18Mp camera, do you need to print your picture bigger than a wall? So you don’t need more! This camera feels very solid in your hands and it is not too big like the very expensive EOS-1D or EOS-5D professional cameras. I tested it in very different environment and conditions, never had a problem! I use Canon EOS 60D with Canon EF-S 17-85mm and Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8  wide angle.    

Backpack: Benro HM100

Until now I used shoulder camera bag and sling camera bag, but it was either small or uncomfortable. At the end I decided to buy Benro HM100. I need to carry my camera and a few personal things during short travels, I want a very strong backpack with side access for my camera but have to look like a normal backpack, it has to be confortable, and I have to be able to carry also my laptop if I need.  Benro HM100 is my choice!



I searched a lot to find a good and powerful laptop and finally I found Lenovo Yoga2. While some big computer companies started to close, Lenovo becomes the world’s fastest growing PC manufacturer. 

I especially searched for a laptop small for travels, long battery life, full HD screen to work on photography and videography easily and 8 GB memory. This laptop is the perfect compromise between portability and power to edit photos and videos on the go. Tablet mode and 360 degree is a plus. I highly recommend it.

 GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro started to be so popular between adventurers and travelers because of its functions and size. It can simply go where traditional cameras and phones can’t with their rugged bodies and waterproof cases. 

Since I have GoPro, sometimes I don’t even take my reflex camera with me. GoPro is almost does everything I need to do, moreover it is light weight.

I chose Hero4 Silver model in purpose to have touchscreen which makes much easier to use it. Besides the good performance of videos and photos, editing with GoPro Studio is also very easy and effective.

GoPro Hero4 Silver will change your life. Only I don’t recommend it for forgetful people, it is small! if you forget where you put it you may not to find it back.


Our latest member Willy (Parrot Bebop2) was bought after a long search. I decided to start producing amateur aerial videos, I need a small and lightweight tool, something capable to record stable aerial video but easy to transport and fly, a lot of other drones are very expensive, generally much heavier or unable to carry a good camera. Parrot Bebop 2 is easy to use, has good video recorder and small size, I can fly it directly from my phone without the need of a big and heavy remote control. It’s the best one for the money. 

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