Cork City | Ireland

Cork is the second largest city after capital Dublin,in Ireland. Before getting job and living 1.5 years in this little Irish city, we didn’t even know its existence.
It’s such a beautiful city when it shines!


If ever happen to you passing through Ireland, don’t forget to stop by Blarney Town where there’s located Blarney Castle & Gradens. 

To be honest, I’m amazed by this garden more than the Castle. Blarney Gardens contain huge collection of specimen trees, many of them rare and unusual which come from all around the world. Each corner of the Garden is just amazing. I think you will know what I mean after watching the video 🙂

How hard can renting be: Renting crisis in Ireland

After going around like a chicken with its head cut off for months, it was time to settle down. To be honest, we have fallen into clutches of this century’s must item; money. Money, along with the desire of exploration have dragged us to Ireland.

Ireland was great destination point for us. I’ve never been this much north and lived in an English speaking country nor on an island.

It was time to explore Ireland and Irish culture. (more…)