bidet nedir nasıl kullanılır

What’s bidet and how to use it?

Most people traveling in Spain or Italy all have the same question,  

What is that thing next to the toilet?”

Within seconds, upon first encounter, the brain-storming begins; creatively asking yourself so many questions.

“Do people go to the toilet together? How do I use this? Why is one slightly different than the other?”

Let’s demystify this mysterious contraption!

What’s a bidet?

bidet (buh-day) is a basin that is situated near the toilet in the bathroom. It is used to clean yourself after using the toilet when you need to freshen up and wash your genitals. 

Bidet nedir nasıl kullanılır

How do you use it?

At first you may feel unsure how to use the bidet properly; but rest assured, they are very hygienic and not difficult to use at all.

bidet is intended to help you wash up after using the toilet.

They can also be used for washing after intercourse, and since they are low to the ground, they are great for shaving your legs or washing your feet. Walk around a historic Italian city in sandals all day, and you’ll understand the necessity of washing your feet.

In addition, to suit your comfort level, the water temperature and spray strength of the jets are easily adjustable.

Where are bidets found?

Bidets are common in Southern Europe. You’ll typically find them in Italy, Spain and some parts of France. Some people say they may also be found in some parts of Asia and South America, but I have not been there to confirm. Please comment below if you have any personal experiences with bidets in those countries.

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Update: The information we got from one of our reader, bidet is used also in United Arab Emirates!

In Italy and Spain, you’ll see bidets in almost every hotel room and private bathroom. However, due to their somewhat intimate nature, they are not as common in public places.

Particularly if you are going to a luxury hotel, regardless of where, it is likely you’ll find a bidet in the bathroom. 

How do you dry off?

If you’re at a hotel or in your own bathroom use your personal, hand-sized towel hanging next to the bidet. If you’re at a friend’s house, you just dry off with toilet paper.

Looking for something to dry your hands or face off with in an Italian bathroom though? If it’s not your personal one, don’t reach for the towel near the bidet! 🙂

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Bidet nedir nasıl kullanılır

Are you going to Italy or Spain soon? Now that you know what a bidet is, you can travel there with peace of mind. 

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