A pandemic story, Bergamo

Shadows of life in Bergamo | A Pandemic Story

Why Bergamo became so popular?

Bergamo is a medium-sized city that has gained its fame in recent years thanks to cheap Ryanair flights or an excellent position on the map of Europe. However, the place at the foot of the Bergamo Alps has become famous on a global scale for a few weeks and not because of tourism, however, because of the coronavirus epidemic that is taking a bloody toll here. (more…)

Coronavirus in Italy -depression

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Today’s topic is a tiny virus which influenced all the world;  coronavirus

Living abroad may be the dream of a lot of people. However things don’t go always like you think! You need a lot of research and preparation before deciding to move. You shouldn’t do the same mistakes (!) that we did, complaining about Irish lifestyle and weather or antisocial people in Italy after moving! (more…)

Life In Fethiye

Life in Fethiye

It’s been two months since we randomly picked and moved to Fethiye. It’s been two months and we’re already getting ready to roll up our sleeves to pack once again. This time we truly had better intentions. We really did intend to stay longer in this warm and mild part of my home country full of natural beauty. And yet here we are. (more…)


What is a digital nomad?

What is a digital nomad?

According to Forbes, one of the world’s leading economy magazines, half of the United States’ workforce will be working from home by 2020. That means no more 9-5 grind, no more long commutes and more ability to be able to live freely. But how exactly will these people work? (more…)

Kacchi Ghodi folk dance in Rajasthan | India

Kachhi Ghodi is an Indian folk dance that originated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It has since been adopted and performed throughout the rest of the country.

When I was visiting Dilli haat in New Delhi, I had the chance to get this private show of a Kachhi Ghodi dancer & his musician.

More information is here