1 Minute Marinaleda | Communist Village in Spain

Recently it has become so popular a small village called Marinaleda in Spain as a “communist utopia”, and went viral on the internet their economic model. Everybody started to think (and wished) if it was true there is left an anti-capitalist place in the world.

So we headed to Marinaleda to see if that was true.

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Tenerife Carnival

Does carnival mean entertainment?

Carnival is a Christian festive season that occurs before Lent (a kind of fasting), the festivities typically occurs in same period all of the Christian world, during February or early March, in this period people have celebration and parade with masks and street party. Because of the excessive consumption of meat and alcohol is proscribed during the Lent, Carnival is the time to (more…)

Why Malaga has to be in your Spain itinerary?

Why should Malaga be a part of your Spain itinerary?

As it is with most people, my first stop in Spain was Barcelona. I have traveled to Barcelona many times. (It’s the city where I met my husband almost by coincidence) I even lived in Barcelona for more than 2 months, but had not seen any other cities in Spain till we undertook a 4000 km camper road trip to Malaga. On this road trip we made our way South from Barcelona, passed through Valencia, and then made our way to Malaga.


Why Barcelona is the most camper unfriendly place?

Some people know our camper coast camper trip starting from Venice, travelling all the Mediterranean coast of Italy, France, Spain until Cadiz city. Coming at the end of the travel after 3 months, we stayed in 27 different cities or towns so far.
Making the travel in budget we rarely stayed in camping areas. We were parked in a parking or on a street in the center and we didn’t have any problem. Even when we come first time to Barcelona by camper, there was huge free parking at the beach and we are happy to park there one week. Knowing Barcelona’s fame about robbery and hearing the robbery stories didn’t ease us tough. (more…)

Coast Camper Roadtrip

Hi all dreamers and explorers!

I am excited to start our new exploration camper roadtrip to all coast side of Italy, blue coast of France until arriving to Valencia which is Costa Brava with our humble camper. Where we will do our first volunteer work in Gandia. (more…)