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Moving Again | Italy to Turkey

Moving from Italy to Turkey

It has been one year we left dark and rainy Ireland. Last year we moved to Italy two people and now we are leaving three. Italy was good destination point to give a birth with its naturalist and conscious doctors and good quality food. However, getting close to winter and missing baklava and kebab was enough to pull us toward to the Turkey.


How can two adults and a baby move by a car? 

This was the question we were looking for an answer recently. How could we find space for our clothes while baby stroller, baby bed and baby bathtub fill all the bagage.

Thankfully we have sold our problem with 320 litres of car top box.

araba yolculuğu-italya-türkiye-portbagaj
Happiness to be able to carry all my stuff lol.

The Route

Our travel starts from Padova Italy until beautiful coast side of Turkey, Fethiye. Roughly it will take one month.

Travel route and stop points are going to be: 

14 October – Zagreb/Croatia

15-16 October – Belgrade/Serbia

17 October – Plovdiv/Bulgaria

18-19-20-21 October – Istanbul

22 October – Değirmendere/Kocaeli

23 October – Bursa

24 October – Bergama/Izmir

25-26-27-28-29… – Izmir

And in unknown date we will be in Fethiye. That’s the plan so far.

araba yolculuğu harita
The route

The vehicle

2005 model 2L engine turbo diesel 4X4 Kia Sportage

In urban cycle it consumes 10 litres for 100 km, but we expect much better performance on the highway. 

The road

Padova-Zagreb = 400 km

Zagreb-Belgrade = 400 km

Belgrade-Plovdiv = 550 km

Plovdiv-Istanbul = 420 km

Istanbul-Değirmendere = 100 km

Değirmendere-Bursa = 100 km

Bursa-Bergama = 270 km

Bergama-Izmir/Güzelbahçe =120 km

Izmir-Fethiye =340 km 

It makes 2700 km in total.

natural diaper-natural nappy
It’s not an advertisment but proudly saying that we are using ecologic diapers. We have got some packs with us in the case if we cannot find on our way.

Want to meet?

Are you going to be around on those days? What about having a coffee?

To get in touch you can write on comment box below or contact form.

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baby in the luggage-travel baby
Everybody ready!!

See you soooon 🙂

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