Incredible India

First Impression

I think world split in two parts; in India and out of India.

My India travel was just after visiting USA. I was exciting to go to States, to see the country I saw through movies all the life. Famous San Francisco streets, Alcatraz Island, New York skyscrapers, Texas land with cactus, Miami beach…

But India… The world can not be described, and cannot be imagined by movies. Even by the Bollywood ones.

I love that feeling going somewhere totally unknown. Not only, I was not even able to imagine; how people live, what they eat, what I am going to see… Everything is mistery…

Monsoon rains

It was in August. And I figured out it was not the best time to go to India. Well, nice to see all conditions  and climates of the country though.

All of us heard about monsoon, but I have never thought when this monsoon occurs and where! I experienced in person what exactly does monsoon mean.

The weather is over 40 Celsius degree, super hot, you go out, and suddenly it starts rain excessively and everywhere become lake. After 10 minutes it stops and life continues. Actually after seeing happy kids playing with rain and water, I thought life never stops.  

I can’t deny I did like it, getting rain but not feeling cold is great pleasure.

After seeing happy kids playing with rain and water, I thought life never stops.

Before going to India I knew that it is going to be hot but I had no idea how could it be.  Anyway I am from Adana, and Adana is the hottest city in Turkey and I am used to live in hot. Hahhh!!!

In India each house has ceiling fan in all rooms without exception, so houses are cool. You don’t feel hot in house, so you dress up, make hair, make-up… Everything is fine.  In the moment you step out to get the car in 10-15 seconds, you wash out by your own sweat, no make-up stay longer, and forget about your perfectly done hair.


One of the most interesting thing in New Delhi is security. As a Turkish, I was used to the X-ray controls in entrance of shopping malls and some government buildings (unlikely in Europe) but I have never seen security control in the metro station. It was weird to see long queue waiting for X-ray to get on a metro.

Okay fine, I made it, 10 minutes of control, checking, we were waiting metro. As a normal tourist I took out my camera and started to take some photos. Until a security woman was running towards to me yelling “it is prohibited to take photos” furiously. I was stunned. I felt like I was a terrorist. WTF it was just a photo. I have already passed x-ray damn!!

Prohibition was not only in metro but also in the street. I remember in the street of government offices and consulates it was prohibited to stop the car. Therefore, to take the name of the “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Street” sign, we had to turn the roundabout a couple of times.

By the way, for those who don’t know, “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk” is the founder of Republic of Turkey. It was honorary to see the street with his name, so I couldn’t stop myself to take a shot, even it was challenging to get.

It was prohibited to stop the car, so to take the name of the “Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Street” sign, we had to turn junction a couple of times.
It was prohibited to stop the car, so to take this shot, we had to turn the roundabout a couple of times.

Is India safe?

Before to travel to India, better you have local friends. I was lucky that I had some good friends. I wouldn’t say it is dangerous but I wouldn’t prefer to deal with bargain, communicate with people and buy the tickets alone.

Feeling like a super star

One of the best thing in India is that you can take photo of people freely unlikely in Europe. They love to be taken photo and it’s hilarious. They even give pose for you. So, I enjoyed taking photos all around.

But the most funny thing is when they ask to be taken a photo with you. I love it! Then you feel like a super star 🙂 

What about your experiences in India? Share your ideas in the comment box below!

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22 thoughts to “Incredible India”

  1. India seems like a whole another world from the boring American lifestyle that we have here. However, India is the last remnant of the original Indo-European culture, Hinduism is the last original Indo-European religion predating all Abrahamic religions. You wouldn’t think that you’d need to go through an X-ray just to get onto a metro, but it is so, do you know why you have to go through a metro? Are there terrorism issues over there? The people there must revere Ataturk, he was an amazing revolutionary!

    1. You are true Micheal! I wouldn’t say American lifestyle is boring, but definitely life is very different and colorful in India. I heard that it happened some terrorist attacks in the past, so high security is the coincidence of that.
      I was surprised listening Indian uncle telling about Ataturk with excitement & reverently. I’m very much touched.

  2. I enjoyed that! Incredible India indeed. It takes me a few weeks to settle in but once I do….i thoroughly enjoy it. Time to head back 🙂

  3. Glad to know you enjoyed your journey to India. I would though recommend to revisit in winter and experience unique beauty and lifestyle of Indians.

    1. I have been in winter time in India to see weddings & I loved it. But time is never enough to explore India!!

  4. Really fun post! I haven’t been to India, yet, so I learned a lot reading your story. I’m shocked they had security to go in the metro. Why didn’t they allow photos? Privacy laws or…?

    1. Thanks Delilah! Taking photos are prohibited for the security reasons. But it doesn’t make sense at all!!

  5. India is such an experience! I visited the country two years ago for 1.5 months and it was incredible. Great to read your experiences too, it’s such a unique country!

  6. This made me miss India sooo much! I love that you said the world is split into India and not India. So true! haha and another thing I miss is feeling like a super star :p . Great post!

  7. India has been on my travel list for a while and I hope I can go very soon. Thank you for this overview!

  8. I am considering travelling to India later in the year when I’m situated back in the Maldives. It sure is a place with lits of mystery. I love your notion of the hot humid monsoon days and driving around the roundabout multiple times to get your street sign shot
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

  9. How different are they from the western culture! They are sociable and full of fun in a different way. I love how you detail your different observations about your experience. 🙂

    1. It indeed is different from western culture. Once my Indian friend told me “as soon as people has a roof over them to sleep, people are happy in India”!

  10. We were in India (in the south) in September. It was our first time and we totally loved it. You definitely have to go there to truly get a sense of the country. We can’t wait to go back now!

  11. I learned a lot from your article. I was surprised to hear of the Metro stations having security. The non camera rule must have been frustrating. Good luck on all your other travels.

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