My Craziest Travel Vol.2: Without money in Paris

Maybe because of the lack of control, in Budapest and Prague people were not paying for transportation, and after a while i stopped using my ticket too… After not paying for transportation last 10 days, I felt very bad paying 12 Euros for a train going from airport to the Paris center. Moreover, for me 12 Euros was good amount of money.

Passing from old Paris with an old train and not seeing white people around was not matching the image i had about Paris but… Lets see… (more…)

Starting my craziest travel

We teachers have two months holiday in summer, the holiday everybody envy. No it is not three months, it is two. Okay still enviable. 

After became addicted of travelling, I wanted to go somewhere even though I didn’t have money. My idea was, two months of holiday as precious as it shouldn’t be wasted. So I decided to go to visit my friend Aurelie in France. We met maybe just a couple of times through her cousin-my friend Toma- but after we became good friends. Coming many times to Istanbul, now it was my turn to visit her in Toulouse. That’s how i started my travel: (more…)

Indian Weddings

Everyone has to go to India at least ones in their life. Exploring other culture is exploring your culture too. And you will see the world with different eyes after you come from India. I went twice, one summer and one winter. And the second time going in winter was only to see Indian wedding. (more…)

Van Two Three

After studying four years university in teaching you get an exam and depends on your score, you can go to work any city in Turkey. That’s how I have been separated from my best friend. I continued to study master and she has gone to Van as a teacher. From that moment, even though we have seen each other rarely, we have never drifted apart. She got married there and had a son.  This is how I am connected to Van. So, after years it was time to visit them and see Van in winter. (more…)