Cork City | Ireland

Cork is the second largest city after capital Dublin,in Ireland. Before getting job and living 1.5 years in this little Irish city, we didn’t even know its existence.
It’s such a beautiful city when it shines!

Cork City | Ireland

Northern Cyprus maybe not very well known for historically & geographically, however it hosts a lot of ancient cities and settlements.

There’s huge history lies up in the territory of Cyprus.

I have to add that this lonely country is not recognised officially accept Turkey and there are a lot of debate is still going on.

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Cork City | Ireland

Kachhi Ghodi is an Indian folk dance that originated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. It has since been adopted and performed throughout the rest of the country.

When I was visiting Dilli haat in New Delhi, I had the chance to get this private show of a Kachhi Ghodi dancer & his musician.

More information is here

Cork City | Ireland

If ever happen to you passing through Ireland, don’t forget to stop by Blarney Town where there’s located Blarney Castle & Gradens. 

To be honest, I’m amazed by this garden more than the Castle. Blarney Gardens contain huge collection of specimen trees, many of them rare and unusual which come from all around the world. Each corner of the Garden is just amazing. I think you will know what I mean after watching the video 🙂

Cork City | Ireland

Recently it has become so popular a small village called Marinaleda in Spain as a “communist utopia”, and went viral on the internet their economic model. Everybody started to think (and wished) if it was true there is left an anti-capitalist place in the world.

So we headed to Marinaleda to see if that was true.

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