Hidden Gem in Europe: Slovenia

There are two countries I have been visited without having any information and expectation about and after seeing them I am amazed. One of them is Malaysia, and the other one is Slovenia. I have never thought to travel to Slovenia. Normally, it doesn’t get touristic attention like France, Spain, Italy… I have never even met any Slovenian before. Considering they have just two million population, it is not surprising.

Slovenia was one of the destinations on our camper road trip travelTo be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be amazed that much. It is a fabulous country with nice and helpful people.

There is everything you need in this country; beautiful Alps, sea, nature, history, sports, lakes, food. Before not to get out of the shock in front of the beauty of Alps, we arrived stunning Lake Bled.

Spiral mountain route is perfect for motorbikers and ralliers. Also Alps are perfect for photographers and hikers.

Secret Heaven: Lake Bled

When I was making research about Slovenia, I always see the same pictures, Lake Bled. Therefore, Lake Bled was on our destination point. I was stunned in front of this beautiful landscape, it looks more fascinating than in the pictures. I thought how I wasn’t aware of this fabulous place. I haven’t even heard before, however, Bled is a quite touristic place with a lot of hotels and attractions. Even though I haven’t done (one more reason to come back), you can swim in the lake and you can find some beaches around.

From the emerald water rises the only island in Slovenia, Bled Island, with a beautiful church from 17th century pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

You rent a boat or you just take one of a boat to reach the island.

But there was more than landscape in Bled: as soon as you arrive, you feel spiritual relaxing and peace. Little birds welcoming you by tweeting instead of being scared. Ducks and swans are swimming peacefully. People are jogging or walking around, kids are riding bicycle and locals are training canoe in the lake. The water of the lake is super clean and there are water lilies floating on it. I don’t know what you expect from heaven but for me it was just like that. Not only the place makes you feel relaxing, but also the people around give you positive energy! Also there is a picturesque Bled Castle, the oldest castle in Slovenia, overlooks the lake on the top of the hill.

Bled is sumptuous in all weather conditions.
Bled is sumptuous in all weather conditions.

I couldn’t stop thinking how come this beauty remains unknown(!) Surely there are people know Bled or how beautiful Slovenia is, but still there are a lot of people, even in Europe, didn’t explore Slovenia and Bled. I loved it. We made this road trip for three days but it wasn’t nearly enough. Also for newlyweds, it is a fantastic spot for honeymoon. Definitely that is the place which deserves to be seen more, and surely I will come back.



Eva, the first and only Slovenian I met in the cafe, said “There is nothing special in Ljubljana”. So I didn’t expect to see anything special in Ljubljana. But again, I was wrong.

Ljubljana is a very beautiful city. I know I am keep saying nothing than “beautiful” but IT IS beautiful. The river Ljubljanica passes in the middle of the city (like most of the European cities) which makes the city more glorious. I would like to visit this city with a local’s eyes. Maybe, if I can make some Slovenian friends, surely the city will be more interesting to me, lol.

Like I said ha!
Like I told you ha!


Like all the other European countries, the country isn’t cheap. However it worth’s that when you get good services. If you travel with camper, almost everywhere you can find service area for 8-10 Euros per day.

Postojna Cave

Another important and interesting thing about Slovenia is, that there are the two longest cave systems in the world. The second one Postojna Cave, is the one most popular one. This cave is visited by millions of tourists each year. Such a pitch that, in my opinion the country can get all its income from tourists coming here. One normal ticket (there are all kinds of tickets) costs 22 Euros, and if you want to park around the cave don’t think pay a good price. Everything was already thought, so Postojna Cave is beautiful and has to be seen, but don’t forget to budget before to visit there.


Boy says, “damn! If I knew the prices, I wouldn’t come” LOL
In the end I am happy to see this world wander.
In the end I am happy to see this world wander.

Watch the camper road trip video in order to see more about Italy and Slovenia.






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    1. Thank you very much Mustafa Mert. I am happy that you like it. You are one of my best followers 😉

    1. Thank you Neco! It is very nice to see you here 😀 I wish to see you more 😉

  1. Slovenia is a nice place for visiting. Your photos invite to travel that country. Thanks for share…

    1. Hi Valia!! Thanks a lot. It is really beautiful country with nice people.. Especially Bled is breathtaking!

  2. What a beautiful destination. I’ve never been to Slovenia but I’ve saved your post for future planning. I love that cave, looks so cool!

  3. I’ve just come back from Slovenia, and I absolutely fell in love with the place. It’s a beautiful, laid-back country with so much to do. I didn’t get a chance to visit the caves, but did visit Lake Bohinj, which I thought was even more magical than Bled.

  4. It looks stunning! But can you give me a rough idea what means expensive? I’m from Finland so often countries like Norway and Iceland I would find expensive whereas others not as much. This post definitely made me consider Slovenia as a destination though.

  5. Beautiful photos, Slovenia really is a hidden gem. With such beautiful scenery its crazy how it isn’t packed full of tourists.

  6. Slovenia impressed me when I passed it on my way to Italy. Reading your article convinces me more that I should make a trip there.

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