House Sitting

Free accommodation all around the world: House sitting

Before talking about new trend House sitting, if you are a traveler you already know that couchsurfing is providing free accommodation and it can help you to meet locals and travelers. Now there’s airbnb, the enemy of the hostels and hotels, to find an accommodation with reasonable prices for your travels.

House sitting

There are thousands of house owners are waiting for you to take care their houses while they are away. You stay at the house free in exchange of doing the routine house stuff, caring the garden, taking the garbage out or walking the dog. 


Win-win concept

While the house sitter stay at home free, the owner of the house can leave the house  without hesitation. So this is a win-win concept.

If you are interested in house sitting, here are a couple of the website you can use:

1.  trustedhousesitters

2.  nomador

3. mindmyhouse

4. housecarers

There is even luxury houses are waiting for their sitters: luxuryhousesitting

Only thing you must do is create a profile one of these websites you prefer, select a location you want to go, get in touch with your house owner and stay in his place.

If you have doubt about security about using this tool, as all other community websites, profiles and reviews are going to give you and idea!

You are already house sitter or you want to be one of them?  We’d like to hear your comments below!

Happy house sitting 🙂

House Sitting

House Sitting

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2 thoughts to “Free accommodation all around the world: House sitting”

  1. Wooow! It’s Fantastic solution, but I’ve never heard someone who uses this way. Only in one film I saw a similar situation,but in that occasion they switch their homes. For me it’s a little bit difficult to understand how people can trust to leave their house (with all their affections) to strangers?!?

  2. Hey! I’m quite new about it but there are bunch of people even live in this way 🙂 First it seems crazy (like other tools we use, they seemed crazy at first and still seems for others) but when you search you see that there are contracts and payment bond is made between house owner and house sitter, so this makes the community trusty 🙂

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