Coronavirus in Italy -depression

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Does Coronavirus cause depression?

Today’s topic is a tiny virus which influenced all the world;  coronavirus

Living abroad may be the dream of a lot of people. However things don’t go always like you think! You need a lot of research and preparation before deciding to move. You shouldn’t do the same mistakes (!) that we did, complaining about Irish lifestyle and weather or antisocial people in Italy after moving!

Did I say Italy and anti-sociality?

Wasn’t the Italians social people like Turks?

No, they aren’t. It may be in the south of Italy, however the people in the north of Italy is quite serious and distant. The reason maybe is cold, north, Alps. And it is closer to Germany. I don’t know.

Therefore, speaking Italian is not enough to communicate with Northern Italians who don’t speak any word of English. For an Italian, building a friendship and trust takes for centuries. So I need more than just speaking Italian which I’m not expert of it.

What’s the relation between corona virus and the anti-sociality of Italians?

Because it’s hard to make a frieeeeeend. 

Before virus, at least we were going out to the center, weekly market, or taking some air. I was going to my Italian Course and talking with some people. I was not looking for a friend so much. Going out and seeing some people, a bit of interaction with a cashier like ” Thanks, I don’t need a bag” was okay for me.

Let’s don’t meet in person and use technology. Let’s make a video call!

With who?

Video Call is great way to have chat with your beloved ones you cannot touch or get close. Everybody is the same condition. So this is perfect opportunity to use the technology to call others. Calling your neighbor upstairs or your sister will make you feel less lonely.

However there are two things you need to consider:

First of all, long video calls also can be boring after a while.

Secondly, the moment everybody at home, is quarantined, can cause internet connection problem. You may have low signal or no signal at all. In such a case video call is not always an option.

Current situation

This is the second week that we are at home because of the coronavirus. We are tired of eating pasta and rice last two weeks. My target is going to supermarket tomorrow to buy some veggies and meat. Perhaps I can see some cashiers and some other people.


After 2 weeks of restriction, it’s been one week that we are in quarantine. We no longer going out for any reason. Especially this week it’s estimated that the number of the infected people is going to be highest. It’s not a joke. The best is staying at home and waiting.

More time passes and more we got used to the situation and started to keep our energy high.

It’s all up to you to go into depression or NOT.

The most important thing is helping and supporting each other as a family.

You get bored staying at home and don’t know what to do. Here there are 5 Great Ideas to Do at Home While Quarantined.

What about you? Are you in depression?

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