Hidden Gem in Europe: Slovenia

There are two countries I have been visited without having any information and expectation about and after seeing them I am amazed. One of them is Malaysia, and the other one is Slovenia. I have never thought to travel to Slovenia. Normally, it doesn’t get touristic attention like France, Spain, Italy… I have never even met any Slovenian before. Considering they have just two million population, it is not surprising.

Slovenia was one of the destinations on our camper road trip travelTo be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be amazed that much. It is a fabulous country with nice and helpful people. (more…)

We are not at home!

Hi everyone! Zdravo! Bok! (This sounds bad in Turkish but I wanted to say “Hi” in Croatian) Хелло! Здравейте!

We have got our first home, we bought a camper yayyy!!! No, it is not a giant luxury mobile home, it is an old compact camper! Now we have a home everywhere and we don’t have to pay for plane or bus tickets anymore. We can freely move anywhere. Yes, exploring everywhere discovering the world without being tied to anything in our tour, it is one step closer to freedom! (more…)

Will you marry me? But Turkish style!

What is a Turkish wedding?

Marriage is very important in a person’s life and in Turkish society. When I tell my Turkish friends that marriage is less important in Europe and that lots of people live with their romantic partner without getting married, people get very surprised. Except in a very few areas, you cannot do this in Turkey. In Turkey, virginity is still a very important and sensitive topic, so we see early marriages in Turkey for this reason. (more…)

Alps and Italian Taxes

My hometown, Adana, is in the south of Turkey and is famous for its heat and humidity. When the people from Adana suffer from the heat in summer, they go to the nearest chilly place Tekir, a town at the base of the Taurus mountains. Many people even have a summer home in Tekir. The same concept exists in Italy as well. People living in the north of Italy go to the Alps for vacation. Some of them rent a home or some of them own their own. They go hiking, trekking, get fresh air, visit natural parks, and pick mushrooms. Okay, I have to admit, the style is different from what happens in Adana, Everything is more organized. (more…)

Top tips to visit Cappadocia

For a long time I didn’t understand why all tourists were going to Cappadocia. “Okay, there are some interesting natural shapes created by wind and rain, but so what?” I asked myself. Why is it worth being visited by thousands each year? The second time I visited, I understood why. (more…)

My Craziest Travel Vol.3 Living with Hippies


Being with a friend was good feeling. We spent two days with Aurelie; walked around, rode bicycle in Toulouse streets and went some bars. The next year i was going to go once more for her marriage. While I was there in Toulouse, I wanted to visit another friend: Gautier. We met in that Croatia camp if you remember, if you don’t: awakening-croatia, he was the one was travelling with hitchhiking. After he went back to France, he moved to Pyrenees (mountains) and started to live hippy style. I was going to figure out what does hippy style mean. (more…)

My Craziest Travel Vol.2: Without money in Paris

Maybe because of the lack of control, in Budapest and Prague people were not paying for transportation, and after a while i stopped using my ticket too… After not paying for transportation last 10 days, I felt very bad paying 12 Euros for a train going from airport to the Paris center. Moreover, for me 12 Euros was good amount of money.

Passing from old Paris with an old train and not seeing white people around was not matching the image i had about Paris but… Lets see… (more…)