Tenerife Carnival

Does carnival mean entertainment?

Carnival is a Christian festive season that occurs before Lent (a kind of fasting), the festivities typically occurs in same period all of the Christian world, during February or early March, in this period people have celebration and parade with masks and street party. Because of the excessive consumption of meat and alcohol is proscribed during the Lent, Carnival is the time to (more…)

Cappadocia Zelve Chimneys

During our travel we had time to take a short panoramic timelapse in Zelve Cappadocia. It was very windy day and storm was coming. But Cappadocia is amazing in any weather condition!

Cappadocia Zelve Chimneys

October is pumpkin month. The season pumpkins grow and ends with Halloween.
Almost in all towns you can find pumpkin festivals in Italy. One of them is “Suca Baruca” (pumpkin festival) in local dialect of Venetto region. Here is one of the Alps mountain song at Suca Baruca in Piove di Sacco, Italy.

Little England in Spain: Gibraltar

I discovered Gibraltar 3 years ago.

Whatt!! There’s an British Territory in Spain. Why I’ve never heard of it!?” 

As usual, the most attracted city in Spain is Barcelona. It was my first Spanish city to visit as well. And after meeting my husband at my first visit, I traveled many more times to Barcelona. I even lived there more than 2 months but I haven’t got a chance to see other cities nor Gibraltar.

Now you’re going to say “What are you talking about! Gibraltar isn’t Spain” which is true. But it’s such a small country in Spain territory which makes it unique.

Cappadocia Zelve Chimneys

Little England territory in Spain; Gibraltar.
There’s a cable car goes to the Gibraltar Rock and here is the stunning panorama of this little country.

More information is here.