We are not at home!

Hi everyone! Zdravo! Bok! (This sounds bad in Turkish but I wanted to say “Hi” in Croatian) Хелло! Здравейте!

We have got our first home, we bought a camper yayyy!!! No, it is not a giant luxury mobile home, it is an old compact camper! Now we have a home everywhere and we don’t have to pay for plane or bus tickets anymore. We can freely move anywhere. Yes, exploring everywhere discovering the world without being tied to anything in our tour, it is one step closer to freedom!

Camper Culture

Recently I discovered people use a lot camper for travelling in Europe and the US. It is crazy, I have never seen more campers in all my life than I saw in the  last few weeks . People really love campers in Europe! I have never seen any campers in Turkey. Why? Maybe because it is a cheap country, or maybe there is not production of campers there, I don’t know… Because campers are not so popular in Turkey, people see it as “cool”, even though the camper is not a luxury one.

Let’s Start Being Free

After making our first little camper trip in Italy, we are going to Istanbul. Since we have our mobile home, we will make this trip a bit longer. This is our estimated travel map: Istanbul route by camper If you are on our way and want to meet us, please contact me. I like very much enjoy meeting people.


Yes! Finally we finished our first long camper road trip. It was a beautiful experience. Travelling on the road is far different and more informative than travelling by plane. You have the opportunity to see the environment and geography of the country. You also meet more people while driving or making stops.

However, we had a surprise at the Turkish border. They didn’t let us pass with the camper (not Turkish licence plates) due to not staying 185 days in abroad. In other words, to satisfy Turkish law, it is not enough to have a foreigner husband come in a foreign car, and also his resident has to be in abroad NOT in Turkey. It was a bit unpleasant situation passing 9 borders of other countries without single problem and then when coming home being unable to pass. So we had to come home by bus  🙄

Life saver minibus and my traveler basil!

People who have been to Turkey know that there are minibuses everywhere. They even come to the Bulgaria-Turkey border, which is in the middle of nowhere. Can you believe it?! Lucky us! We were able to reach Istanbul easily with the good public transportation system in Turkey. I was extra happy to save my basil. After 15 days travelling around Europe it was perfectly alive and got the record for most traveled basil ever in the world!

Summary of the trip:

-6 countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey) -4 Capitals (Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia) -15 days -2500 km -300 Euro gasoline  

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