Things to do at home while quarantined

5 Great Ideas To Do At Home While Quarantined

We know that the best way to prevent against coronovirus is staying at home.

Since we are at home for 3 weeks quarantined in Italy, we can be considered expert about staying at home. 

Although staying at home is boring, in fact it’s not too bad. This period can be a great opportunity to do the things which was pending long time to be done!

I have to say that first weeks will be difficult. You can even go into depression.

>>Does Coronavirus cause depression?

You should get out of the pessimist and depressive mood and try to get advantage of this “free” time. 

There are a couple of ideas and tips you can find:

1# Learn a new language

I’m sure once it came to your mind to learn “that” language. Now it’s the time! There are bunch of information and resources online. Go to find your language and even be fluent at the end of the quarantine by starting learning today!

Learn language from the biggest online language learning platform


2# Do sport

You don’t always need big spaces to do sport. You can work out at home by stretching or Pilates. If you prefer more spirituality, you can even think about starting to do Yoga. You will feel relax both mentally and psychically.

karantinada ne yapılır
You can do most of the exercises at home, even with little ones 🙂

Attention: Most of the people starts cooking and eating in quarantined. Thus, you can gain a lot of kilos. Don’t loose focus!

3# Time to watch Movies

I’m sure everybody has the list of movies pending to be watched. Personally, I have a huge list of movies which waiting to be watched for a long time. Now it’s perfect time to watch movies or shows you wanted to watch.

The Place Where Movies Never Get Old

4# Books

There is not “I don’t have time for reading” excuse anymore. Now you have got time. As much as you couldn’t even wished for! Now you can grab your book from your book shelf.

5# Start doing your Hobbies

The hobbies you couldn’t do for years due to studying or working. Simple as listening music, handcraft or more technical hobbies such as Photoshop or building drones. You have time to do your hobbies now.

Learn cooking! Tai cuisine, Indian cuisine, Turkish cuisine… There are plenty of cuisines waiting to be cooked and eaten!


If you are quarantined at home with kid(s), most of the above wouldn’t fit for you. You, maybe, can do some of them if your kids are more than 6 years old.

karantinada ne yapılır
After learning that all the pizza shops were close, Arya and Simon decided to make their own pizza. We all had a blast and ate well!

Staying quarantined with kids you won’t only be able to do your hobby or an activity, probably you will get tired more than ever. 

However this is not at the end of the world! We should look at the bright side. Finally, you have plenty of time to spend all the family together. You can have good time doing a lot of activities, reading books, playing, drawing, even cooking together.

Attention: This period mentally will be hard for you. So you should pay extra attention to not to conduct kids to the screen, watching long hours on Tv, computer, tablet or phone.

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  1. We started to grow flowers in our garden with my 5 year old daughter. She loves flowers 🙂

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