40 Photos that will make you want to travel Ireland

You know that we’re in Ireland last two months, learning about culture of the island while living & travelling.

Last week we got a chance to make a road trip and explore the South Ireland nature travelling Kenmare, Sneem, Caherdaniel, Portmagee, Cahersiveen, Killarney and Molls Gap.

And also you will see photos of Timolegue and Cork City where we have been living currently.

The first impression you get about this country is strong saturation of the color. The green is so green that makes you think unreal. You’ll understand what I mean looking at photos. I think I don’t need to say that I didn’t use any special effect, nor saturation over the photos.

Now I shout up and will leave you alone with the photos of stunning beauty of Ireland.


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Share it! Sharing is cool!!!

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13 thoughts to “40 Photos that will make you want to travel Ireland”

  1. Wow, two months in Ireland?!??! That is fantastic! You can really take your time and explore, and even see a bit of a season change. I enjoyed my (too short) visit to Ireland and would love to go back and explore longer.

  2. I love Ireland – so much green and horses and sheep and ducks!!! I went to Ireland for a weekend but only got to see Dublin, which isn’t nearly as green and beautiful as your photos. I love them and need to go back now!!! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, I see why green is Ireland’s main color now! Man, those photos are lovely, and oh so green! It’s like something out of a fairytale.

    Which of the photos is your favorite?

    1. I agree with you Alex. It’s like a fairytale. That’s why it is taken a lot of movies in this island. I just watched yesterday last Star Wars and I saw last scene was in Ireland :))
      Well, I have no favorites, I like them all..

  4. These photos are gorgeous! We went to Ireland in 2014 and these bring back such great memories! I loved seeing the little carts and beautiful fields and farms. It is so green compared to to dry, brown California.

    1. Am I wrong or I remember California quite green as well, if it doesn’t change in 7 years since I’ve been there?
      Anyway, there’s not much to see here besides fields and farms lol.

  5. Ireland is so stunning! My Dad lived there for a while so I was lucky enough to experience some of the beauty! Have you checked out Kinsale? Great surfing there!

    1. Yes, Kinsale is the best. There are some photos taken there in the post. But I’m planing to go again to explore more. No surfing but trekking. I don’t know if you remember but it’s COLD here man!!

  6. I have one regret in life, not having really visited Ireland whilst living in UK (for 5 years). I hope I will get the chance to go there once. Gorgeous pictures!!!

    1. Should I be honest with you? If you have been in UK for 5 years, you don’t need to visit Ireland since both are so similar geographically and culturally. I know some people will say no, but I really think it is. Thanks!

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